A Passionate and Inspiring Speaker

Jackie Woodside brings her message of passion, possibility, and purpose to businesses, professional organizations, and spiritual communities in an engaging style that is both motivational and uplifting.

"I am at last able to see how I can change and live a life I designed." Peg T.,  Amesbury, MA

Jackie Woodside melds her extensive personal and professional experience with her ongoing research in the areas of philosophy, neuroscience, and spirituality to create dynamic, transformational programs that are delivered through the following opportunities.


    LIFE DESIGN (LD): What LD provides participants seeking change

    This program is designed to create a life grounded in personal values, aligned with one’s purpose, and filled with the things that hold the most personal value. It serves to create a community of like-minded people that provide direction, support, and accountability to promote and maintain personal growth. The results of the program will help with creating a strong foundation for one’s life, transformation of consciousness, developing one’s personal life vision and mission, living with power and purpose, and creating community.


    LIFE MASTERY (LM): What LM provides participants building off of the LD program

    This program is designed to create a life filled with joy and guided by purpose by developing inner life skills, habits, and practices that lead to the elevation of consciousness. It serves to create a life of happiness, peace, fulfillment, and contribution by helping participants stay grounded in knowing who they truly are and actively engaged in their highest sense of self. The results of this program will help with increased awareness, transformation of consciousness, transcending emotions and personal happiness.


    LIVING A TRANSCENDENT LIFE (LTR): What LTR provides participants looking to complete the circle

    This program is designed to help participants to shift from knowing consciousness principles to living the truth of these principles in one’s life. It serves to develop the inner awareness to observe and determine one’s consciousness at all times by establishing freedom from the ego and intellect in order to live from intuition, inner knowing and faith. This enables participants to create the external conditions for life that one desires. The results of this program will help with living in elevated consciousness, demonstration of consciousness principles, freedom from confides of the ego, living beyond appearances.


    IMPLEMENTATION: What program frequency and scale provide participants

    Each of these programs is delivered as individual modules as part of the larger “Curriculum for Conscious Living” platform. Program frequency can range from a series of three day intensive retreats or as an extended six month program with several all day group meetings supported by weekly “accountability” calls.


    TARGET AUDIENCE: What participants would benefit most

    These programs benefit participants looking to reduce the level of stress in their lives through simple and effective tools designed to help them identify, plan, and fulfill their ideal vision of life. The curriculum is meant for those who have acknowledged a need for change but haven’t discovered how to put thought into action.

Additional Services

  • Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagements

    Jackie Woodside Corporate SpeakerJackie is an inspiring and gifted speaker who brings crowd-pleasing humor and deep insights to each and every talk she gives. Whether its for a keynote at a conference, or a webinar for transformational leaders, Jackie is being increasingly sought after and becoming internationally known.

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  • In-Person Courses

    In-Person Courses

    Jackie Woodside Corporate SpeakerThroughout the course of a year, Jackie offers Energy Management, Life Design, Life Mastery, and the Zen of Public Speaking courses in the New England area, across the US and abroad. Jackie also brings many of these programs to other facilities around the country as weekend classes or workshops.

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    • Greater Self-Actualization
    • Increased Productivity and Performance
    • Decreased Stress
    • Improved Overall Well-Being
    • Better Communication Skills with Teams, Employees and Personal Relationships
    • Greater Personal Growth
    • Increased Income or Revenue
    • Improved Clarity and Sense of Purpose

  • Individual Coaching

    Work with Jackie as your personal mentor and guide in personal coaching. This allows you to address your specific situation and needs while gaining insight, personal attention and greater focus to your unique circumstances and challenges. People hire Jackie for personal coaching to address the following types of life circumstances: life transitions such as divorce, retirement or starting a family; career change; starting a new business; expanding one’s current sales or business, creating a greater sense of life purpose, direction and clarity and generating greater life balance. 

    Work one-on-one with Jackie to craft the path you envision in your mind’s eye in a shorter period fo time, actually accomplishing what you long to do.

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"Jackie brings a whole new meaning to the statement, ‘don’t think small.’ She is an extraordinary coach who lovingly pushes and stretches you to places you can’t even imagine." Kathy B. Acton, MA