Energy Management Course DVD

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The Complete Energy Management Course DVD

Scores of people have learned how to create a powerful new relationship with time and bring their dreams to fruition with clarity and ease. Jackie Woodside’s revolutionary Energy Management system trains you to be the least stressed and the most productive person you know!

Join Jackie as she guides a class of Energy Management students through this four-step, skill-building process. Learn why there is no such thing as time management and why time management programs often leave you feelings overwhelmed and frustrated.

Learn how to:

  • Get rid of endless “to-do” lists for good
  • Be productive rather than chronically busy
  • Relate to time in a way that empowers rather than drains you
  • Live your life in alignment with your values

“Before taking Energy Management I struggled with getting tasks accomplished, and never felt like I was keeping up with the day-to-day management of my life. Now, I not only manage our household, our family and my business, but I also schedule myself all the free personal time I could possibly want!  My entire life is managed within the Energy Management structure.  No more to do lists or files of things I ‘might’ do someday.  I choose what my life and my time will look like every day.  I can only imagine how the Energy Management tools and framework would have helped me in my corporate career!  And yet, it is so simple that I have already begun teaching my 10 year old the value of these principles!”

~ Catherine Ives, business owner & former corporate trainer



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What If It’s… Time for a Change

The down economy has given rise to an enormous amount of personal and cultural change. People have been laid off, downsized, some have come out of retirement due to lost portfolio assets, and divorce rates among the Boomer generation are skyrocketing. The amount of information produced each year has reached staggering proportions. How does any one person absorb, process and integrate such a high rate of rapid change and still maintain a healthy, positive outlook on life? This is the question facing our culture today.

“What If It’s … Time for a Change” helps you understand your own personal experience of change, while understanding the dynamics of the human change process. This book provides tools, insights and practical strategies to deal with changes that have come your way unexpectedly, or to strengthen your capacity to initiate and succeed in creating the life change that you desire.


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Online study is a great way to garner the benefits of Jackie’s expertise and coaching from the comfort of your own home or office.

Currently Jackie’s Life Design eCourse is now in session! Life Design has changed many people’s lives since it was first offered in 2009. You can take this self-study program completely on your own, or included some personal coaching from Jackie for the fullest impact. Sign up today and join those who are living the life of their own design!

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Energy Leadership Index

Many think that leadership is a talent that people are either born with – or not. However, that’s not true. Leadership is something that can be learned, enhanced, and energized.

Often, it’s simply people’s own past experiences, beliefs, and behaviors that keeps them from being truly gifted leaders. Now there is a way to assess those experiences, move beyond them, and develop greater leadership capabilities.
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Rat Race Remedies Jackie Woodside Professional Life Coach

Rat Race Remedies

Have you noticed lately that everyone is busy? Everyone – from retired people, to school-aged children, from everyday worker bees to the mega rich. Everyone seems to be caught up in the proverbial “rat race” and no one seems to know what to do about it. Read this intriguing eBook to learn about the remedies that can help you tune into life!
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Conscious Entrepreneurs Jackie Woodside Professional Business Coach

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Conscious Entrepreneurs

Jackie is a contributing author to this must have book for entreprenuers who want to bring more purpose, passion, and profit into their business.

Jackie’s chapter on “Busyness” will help you define a better relationship with time, bringing you into closer alignment with your vision, values, and mission. She brings a new awareness to people’s relationship with time and provides four easy steps towards managing yourself in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful, and effective.
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Making Your Life a Living Prayer

Making Your Life a Living Prayer

Make Your Life a Living Prayer consists of three inspirational talks delivered by Jackie Woodside covering such topics as our purpose, gratitude, living our lives in higher consciousness and how to make your life a living prayer. Jackie is a dynamic, energized speaker who lights up audiences and stimulates the heart and mind. Enjoy this little gem of audio inspiration for years to come!

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"Conscious Entrepreneurs brilliantly outlines the spiritual journey of entrepreneurship. Nowhere else have I seen such a powerful book written about what should be the ONLY way to BE in business."  James Twyman, Author/Direct of The Moses Code