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Jackie Woodside Energy Management Training
Jackie is available to speak for your organization on the following topics:


Debunking the Myths of Time and Stress Management

Everyone today speaks of being overwhelmed, overloaded, stressed and burned out. It is an epidemic in our culture that leaves people dis-empowered and not fully able to focus on what they value and feel is most important.

Debunking the Myths of Time and Stress Management is a revolutionary approach to increasing effectiveness, productivity and peace of mind.  This workshop teaches a new approach to managing “self-in-time” rather than trying (unsuccessfully) to manage time. After this workshop, time will no longer be experienced as a struggle, but will be seen as a resource for the fulfillment of one’s potential.

Transformational Leadership and Engagement

This is a highly interactive program that seeks to create organizational change from the inside out. Transformational leadership creates an atmosphere of collaboration and an inspiring sense of connection to the mission of the workplace. Transformational leaders learn to lead with vision, inspire with passion and engage in action.

Performance Management:  Creating High-Performance Environments

This program helps managers know how to deal with their superstar to their struggling employees in the highest and best ways to bring forth optimized performance for the entire work team. This program is interactive and helps managers understand motivational psychology and how to get the best from their teams in a sustainable way, not based on short term inspiration but creating an ongoing high performance culture.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors

This program is designed to increased self-awareness and a more detailed understanding of coworker’s information processing and motivation styles. This provides Managers with critical tools for more impactful engagement with coworkers in order to improve the effectiveness of communication and delegation of responsibility.

The results of the program will help to reduce work-related stress, diffuse conflict, increase quality of work, improve problem solving, empower employees, and increase retention rate, depending on the nature of implementation.

Coaching Parents and Caregivers

How can you more effectively work with the parents you serve? This workshop provides new insights into the many facets of parent coaching. Participants examine the differences and similarities between coaching, counseling, mentoring, and consulting models and discern the important differences for helping them be more effective parent coaches.

The basic philosophies of the coaching field are presented and reviewed through the lens of applicability to parent coaching. Participants learn the foundation principles of parent and caregiver coaching and begin to apply a unique parent coaching model to casework scenarios. Family and cultural factors that affect today’s parents are explored through critical developmental and psychological needs for children and teens. Participants use inventories and handouts to practice supporting parents to focus on what is working in their current situation and how they can best design a plan to meet their identified goals through the coaching process.

 Here’s what people are saying about Jackie’s Leadership Training:

"Jackie is a dynamic and powerful speaker.  Her ability to ignite any audience is remarkable. Jackie did an amazing job creating a one of a kind presentation tailored just for our audience.  Anyone who attends one of her sessions will find this extremely valuable. The participants were very impressed, the feedback was extremely positive, and her knowledge was awe inspiring!"  -Jeri Kroll, Director, Center for Professional Innovation, Lynnfield, MA

wnedy dalwin"I always enjoy working with Jackie and look forward to when she is our speaker for the day. She is so completely energizing and pleasant to work with! Jackie makes my job easy!" -Wendy Dalwin, Assistant Director, The Center for Professional Innovation