Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

where-attention-goes-energy-flowsAll of life is about learning to mold, manage and direct energy. Everything that is ever created begins with thought that moves into some sort of action and then eventually springs forth as physical manifestation.

One of the key elements of learning how to direct energy is to pay attention to what you focus on. It is remarkable to me how often I hear people talking about what they don’t want rather ...

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7 Steps to Living a Transcendent Life

transcendent consciousnessLiving a Transcendent Life requires a commitment that is largely out of step with how our world lives. It requires a sophisticated understanding and consciousness to be “in this world but not of this world” (Romans 12:2).

Being committed to Living a Transcendent Life doesn’t mean that you do away with your earthly goals; quite the opposite – it means that you pursue your goals and your dreams, but you do ...

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Self And The Soul

wise.teacherTo begin an inquiry into the self and the Soul, we must dig into what are these two disparate, intangible aspects of our humanity? What is the self and what is the soul?

The self is your ego, your personality, your collection of views, opinions, habits, preferences and mental models. The self is temporal; it will die with your body.

The Soul, on the other hand, is eternal; it is the unseen part ...

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More Thoughts On The Power of Focus

“What you focus on expands.”

military.1This past week I had the honor of training a large audience of military leaders in Transformational Leadership. I was somewhat awe-struck to stand in front of this large gathering of men and women in full military attire (I stuck out like a sore thumb!) and there was one factor in particular that I was struck by. The level of focus of the group was extraordinary!  ...

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