It’s Your Life! What Are You Making It Mean?

How to Find Peace of Mind in the Here and Now

Jackie blog picI’ve enjoyed this “Peace of Mind” series and I hope you’ve gotten great benefit from following along. Over the past three weeks I have written about how to eliminate or reduce the states that rob you of your peace of mind. The three I covered so far are anxiety, upset and depression. This week is the one ...

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The Path From Depression to Peace of Mind: 3 Keys to Know


“Set peace of mind as your highest goal
and organize your life around it.” 

depression peace of minThis is the third entry in my four-week
“Peace of Mind” series
. Thank you all for the lovely comments and emails that I have received about how helpful, and challenging, these posts have been.

To revisit the four elements that rob us from our peace of mind and that ...

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Creating Yourself as Un-upset-able

How Affected Are You By Daily ‘Annoyances’?

6b25ced2ef6f0ce043218a9150ba9fa9Last week I began this four-part inquiry into the thing that everyone wants, but that eludes far too many: simple peace of mind. By peace of mind, I am referring to freedom from unpleasant states such as worry, upset, depression or lack of meaning in your life. When any of these states are present (or any of their many cousins), we are no ...

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Developing Peace of Mind

Overcoming Anxiety is a Tangible Goal

colors editedWhen I look back over the nearly 30 years that I have been working in the human growth and development field (where did the time go!?!)

The one thing I see that most people are seeking, when you boil it down to the bear minimum, is peace of mind.

It has come dressed up in lots of different fashions over the years:

-The businessmen and women ...

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