Developing Peace of Mind

Overcoming Anxiety is a Tangible Goal

colors editedWhen I look back over the nearly 30 years that I have been working in the human growth and development field (where did the time go!?!)

The one thing I see that most people are seeking, when you boil it down to the bear minimum, is peace of mind.

It has come dressed up in lots of different fashions over the years:

-The businessmen and women ...

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The End of Suffering


Suffering is Optional.. How Do You Choose to Spend Your Life?

Suffering Blog ImageMy nine-year-old son pitched an all-out fit tonight about having to use a small two-minute sand timer that the dentist gave him to insure he brushes his teeth long enough. He has been using this timer religiously for the past three months and never once complained about it. Not tonight. He threw ...

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The One and Only Way to Stop Stress For Good

Stress! Too much of it, too often.

Stress BlogPeople lose their minds in the daily chase we call living. It doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t nurture your essence. It does not feed your soul. Yet, there are real demands, real bills to be paid, real families and children and homes that need tending. Commutes and jobs are real. So what can you do to end the non-stop cycle of stress?

There ...

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Less Stress, More Joy: Five Tips to Tilt the Scale Toward Joy!

In order to “de-stress” your life,
you first need to understand where it comes from.

Less Stress More JoyStress is not something you catch like a cold. The feelings and physiological conditions that we call “stress” are your response to outer circumstances. In keeping with this, I teach that there is “no such thing as stress.”

While that may be hard to swallow, let me also add that there is clearly something ...

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