Conscious Living Summit 2021

18th September – 2nd October, 2021

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  • Learn to create a solid foundation into your extraordinary, awakened life
  • Find the courage to follow your heart’s calling and listen to your inner guidance
  • Remove unconscious limiting beliefs that separate you from your highest self
  • Learn practical strategies further your journey of living a conscious, awakened life
  • Live the full power of your unique genius and inherent gifts
  • Learn the steps and strategies to live your life from the inside out, based on who you came here to be


  • What supports me to embody living life consciously?
  • How can I make a profound impact on the world around me?
  • Why is it important to follow the callings of my heart?
  • What immediate actions can I take to live a conscious life?
  • How do I live a more empowered, enlightened life through my daily choices and actions?
  • How can I embrace conscious health and wellness in my daily life?
  • How can I bring my relationship to the level of conscious connection?

Conscious Living Summit Promise

Our promise for the Conscious Living Summit is
“Humanity Reimagined” – consciously creating the next step in human evolution
and ignite a world where love and unity prevail.

About Jackie

Since my early childhood I have felt connected to my spiritual nature which has guided and sustained me through numerous challenging life experiences. There were times, like when I was in a battering relationship, wracked in addiction, homeless, or crippled with depression that I felt lost and alone – the “dark night of the soul” for sure.  Through it all, I’ve learned to trust that the life is always unfolding for good and that we live in a benevolent universe, filled with love and possibility.

It is my passion for reimagining what is possible for the human experience that inspires me to host this summit. I am committed to you having an experience where you are educated, empowered and enlightened through each speaker and teacher you hear on this summit. I believe that you can leave the limitations of your ego-driven mind behind, to live your life by intentional design, based on who you came here to be. You will be empowered to live a meaningful, contributing, authentic life. 

I am so excited to take you to the leading edge of conscious living.

18th September – 2nd October, 2021

Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside TEDx Speaker

I love telling newer coaches that I have been coaching about as long as they have been alive!

With 27-years of experience as a professional coach and trainer, I now spend my time developing coaches and leaders to bring excellence to their clients and teams.

Dr. Sue Morter

As an International speaker and doctor with 30 years of experience, Dr. Sue’s visionary models and techniques have ignited an entirely new approach to accessing creative genius and living from personal freedom.

In bringing together the ancient wisdom traditions with cutting-edge quantum science, Dr. Sue uses “The Energy Codes®” to guide her students to unprecedented levels of creativity, health, and healing by building neuro-circuitry to raise their cellular vibrational frequency.

Anna Lang

As an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, potential has been a cornerstone in everything Anna has ever done. She has owned 7 businesses, started one Non-Profit, and spoken on the stages of organisations such as SalesForce and Pecha Kucha. Anna runs the Permission To Shift Summit Series, YouTube channel and Masterclass Series, featuring internationally renowned experts and authors that have appeared in/on outlets such as Oprah, Forbes, Money, NBC, CNN, NY Times, etc.

A student of consciousness, Anna has trained in/studied NLP, CBT, Neuroscience, Psychology, & philosophy and offers workshops, coaching and facilitation around Values Determination, Signature Skillset Determination and Total Life Transformation. Her book, “Get Over Yourself -Theatrics that keep you stuck in life, love and leadership” is due out in 2022.

Esther Graham

For over 20 years, Esther Graham has served as a coach, mentor, and motivator for women, children, teens and entrepreneurs.

She, herself, is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a teacher, minister, administrator, consultant and transformational speaker, who demonstrates a true love for God and concern for people. 

Ken D. Foster

Ken has Coached and Mentored hundreds of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Senior Professionals to take the courageous path, release their limitations, and free their spirit to bring in harmony, success, and bottom-line results to their businesses and lives. He specializes in working with people who are committed to generating their greatest dreams, up-leveling their lives, and maximizing their highest potential, and he does this exceptionally well.

Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, sought-after seminar leader, talk-show host and in-demand media guest. Her clients have included corporate executives, popular celebrities, New York Times best-selling authors—and even household names.

As a speaker, Debra delivers high-energy, content-rich, deeply impactful presentations that stay with audience members long after she leaves the stage.

Dennis Pitocco

Everything Dennis does is carried out “for-good” vs. “for-profit”, reflecting his belief that it’s time for a renaissance of pure, unbridled wonder. Time to renew in both our hearts and in our souls more joy, more kindness, more compassion, more understanding, and that magical sense of truly belonging to something greater than the status quo. And time to bring the spirit of “humanity at its very best” back to the forefront. 


Kiné Corder is a best selling author, international speaker, National Certified Counselor and the worlds #1 Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist. She speaks to and consults with healthcare professionals who want to make a difference while making money. You may remember her from the Oprah show or ABCs Extreme Makeover Show. Since then she’s spoken on stages with Les Brown, Daymond John, and other well-known speakers.  

Temple Hayes

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes grew up in South Carolina and spent the earlier part of her career as a business owner. Having served three years of military service in the United States Army Reserves, Temple became a Science of Mind minister in 1991 and an ordained Unity Minister in 2007. Described as a prophet and mystic for our times and the new spiritual leader the world needs today, Temple Hayes is a Difference Maker, Spiritual Leader, Author, International Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Life Rights Advocate, Shamanic Practitioner, and President and Founder of life changing non-profit organizations.

Mandy Simon

We are living in a new world. The pandemic is helping us uncover the deeper truths of ourselves, our world, and how we make a difference. Like me, you were born for these times.

I am here to help you live joyfully with uncertainty. To build your resilience. To show you how to unhook from the limiting beliefs that keeps your life rooted in the fears you feel but cannot see.

Brandon Beacham

Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of anyone seeking to evolve and attain their ultimate potential. To help our listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday the “original Positive Head”, Brandon Beachum, interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity’s collective transition into a state of expanded consciousness.

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author and global educator.He was just recently selected as Top Human Behavior Specialist of the Year for 2020 by the IAOTP for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession.

Dr. John Demartini is the founder of the global education organization, the Demartini Institute which has over 72 courses on self-development, life mastery and leadership in its extensive curriculum. Dr. Demartini’s knowledge is the culmination of over 48 years of cross-disciplinary research. As an educator he travels full time around the world addressing both public and professional audiences in media, talks, seminars and consultations where he teaches people self-governance and how to develop their leadership and empowerment in all areas of their lives.