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Life Design


Imagine you are crystal clear on what you want in all areas of your life: financial, work, family, spiritual, health, fitness, mental, and social. You wake up every day excited about the new life you have created! Work is no longer “work”; it is fun because you are doing what you love! You are no longer struggling financially, but instead you are living in financial balance. Your body and mind are strong as you give them attention and care every day. You love your home life, work life and your connection to your Higher Power. You have wonderful, supportive and loving family and friends! You are living your life purpose and feel happy, joyous and at peace with the life you have created.

I can tell you from experience that you don’t just “trip” into living an inspired life! Inspired lives are created by design!

I’d like to ask you some important questions:

Do you have clarity, enthusiasm and a plan for what’s next for you?
Do you feel a calling to play bigger and bolder, but you are unsure about the next right steps.
Would you like to move into a life which feels genuine to yourself and your truth?
Are you searching for more meaning in your life?

The Life Design Course Website

For more information about the Life Design course or to find a Certified Life Design Coach in your area, click the button below to visit the Life Design course website.

Life Mastery

The Life Mastery course is designed to be an “inside out approach” to change.

You can change all of your external conditions, but if you do not change and elevate your level of consciousness – that is your overall perceptions about life – you will have a new and different life but the same experience of life.

The Life Mastery course has you look at your inner beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and perceptions about yourself and about life through the lens of a model of energetic consciousness. By learning to identify your level of consciousness about the various aspects of your life, and then learning to elevate your perceptions, or consciousness, you truly begin to lead a happier, more meaningful and satisfied life.

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Living a Life by Design

Living a Transcendent Life is embarking on the path of the modern day mystic. Being committed to Living a Transcendent Life doesn’t mean that you do away with your earthly goals. Quite the opposite – it means that you pursue your goals and your dreams, but you do so in service to God and to your spiritual unfolding. It is what I call making your life a living prayer.

The commitment to Living a Transcendent Life requires more discipline and rigor than what you have engaged in thus far with regard to living your life with intention and by design. Living a Transcendent Life requires a commitment that is largely out of step with how our world lives.

The goal of Life Design is to get you deeply in touch with your life, and the goal of Life Mastery is to get you fully aware and present to the consciousness in which you live. In some ways, while the process was at times uncomfortable, the goal was often to bring you to a more fulfilled, and empowered existence.


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