Money Vibe Summit

Jackie Woodside with Esra Ogut

As a transformational coach and yoga teacher, Esra B. Ogut has helped people worldwide discover their power to live the life they choose.

Today, she helps people transform their lives to experience their own spiritual and financial abundance through one-on- one coaching and workshops. Individuals, celebrities and corporations have all sought her services and mentorship. Along with her husband and business partner, author and transformational coach Aykut “Ike” Ogut, Esra pioneered transformational coaching in Turkey and co-created a sought- after coaching certification program.

Money Does Grow on Trees is Esra’s first book in English.

About Esra Ogut

What you’ll learn:

  • How to ground your spirituality so it becomes who you are not what you know
  • Why you’ll never rid yourself of your ego
  • What is the job of the ego and how to integrate it into your spirituality
  • What a “being choice” is and how it impacts every area of your life
  • The profound impact of learning to talk back to ego when it is doing its job

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