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9 Reasons why Life Design
course is for you!

Jackie Woodside - Life Design

1. You Seek Greater Vision

Most people lack a sense of vision for what they want from their life. They don’t know where they are going and life can quickly become a hamster wheel of busyness without passion and meaning.

2. You Desire Greater Clarity

I hear over and over again from coaching clients that they lack a sense of clarity about who they are, why they are here and how to maximize their potential. Clarity of purpose and vision is an essential component to a happy, fulfilled life. Life Design delivers that.

3. You Want a Greater Sense of Purpose

Each year one of the top Google searches is, “What’s my purpose in life?” It is an age-old existential question that deserves an answer. Life Design answers this for you within the first two sessions.

4. You Want to Feel Engaged and Enthusiastic

Happy, fulfilled, living on-purpose is a wonderful way to go through each day, each week, each year. Don’t spend another year with a sense of boredom and lacking engagement with what matters most to you. Life Design gets you on track.

5. You Feel Lost

Modern lifestyles are busy, but being chronically busy does not equate to a life of happiness, meaning, and fulfillment. If you’ve been feeling lost and wondering what you should do with your life, Life Design delivers the answers in a simple step-by-step process that will blow your mind.

6. You Want to Feel More Powerful in Your Life

Feel like nothing is working for you? You’re not making the traction you want and deserve? Sometimes you feel like doing nothing because of past disappointments? Then Life Design is exactly for you.

7. You Feel Discouraged

You KNOW there’s more to life, more depth and peace and satisfaction and fulfillment, but you just don’t know how to get there? That’s where I was too. That’s why I created Life Design.

8. You Have Goals and Dreams You Want to Fulfill

You have dreams, you want to create a better life and most importantly you want to take every area of your life to the next level. That is exactly where we go in the Life Design course.

9. You Know You Have Greater Potential

Want to get ahead in the game?

You feel that yearning inside to feel more, do more, contribute more and make a bigger difference, but you have yet to find the courage or the path forward. Life Design gives you both.

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It’s all about answering
5 big questions in life…

Why am I here?

What is my purpose in life and how do I fulfill it?

What do I Value?

What do I want my life to be based on? What unique values do I want to base my life on, rather than what my culture or surroundings tell me?

Who am I?

What is my unique higher self expression that I have come here to fulfill. In Life Design, we call this your “SoulPrint” and we give you the exact steps and structures to declare your special statement of who you are.

Where am I going?

We all function better, happier, and with more engagement when we have a sense of direction in life. After discerning WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE HERE, and WHAT YOU VALUE, THEN we begin the important question of answering how you want to use your life, and what you want to experience and create.

What am I going to get there?

Life Design is all about living life “from the inside out” first discerning your INNER POTENTIAL and then taking that into how you live your life. Making specific goals and plans is a crucial component of the Life Design way!

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

– How to create a solid foundation that supports sustained change in your life.
– How the current context of your life dictates the limits of your success, and how to change it.
– You will learn what your life purpose is and how to fulfill it.
– You will learn to develop a compelling personal mission for your life.
– You will increase confidence in who you are.
– You become much happier & more fulfilled.
– You will gain clarity in the direction of your life.

Work with the BEST
& Start this amazing transformational journey!

Who is Jackie Woodside?

Founder of the Curriculum for Conscious Living, and Vibe Method, international speaker, author of 4 best selling books (USA Today and Amazon) & 25 coaching programs.

You may have seen a lot of coaches around the world but when it comes to consciousness and designing your life, there’s no one that provides the depth and breadth of work as Jackie Woodside.

For over 30 years many have considered Jackie Woodside as one of the best transformational coaches around the world.

She has not only helped thousands of people to
unleash the power of the human spirit and create lives of passion, purpose and possibility.

Jackie is one of the very few life coaches who teaches people the specific steps on how to change consciousness, which is the main factor in determining happiness and fulfillment in life.

She developed the Life Design course after recovering from years of addiction, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She not only “talks the talk” but has “walked the walk” of transformation.

Jackie says it is the Life Design course that took her from Hot Mess to Happy & Blessed!

Jackie Woodside


- Nigel Risner

In the Life Design program, I found an inner strength and confidence. Four years since completing Life Design I have paid off back taxes, doubled my income and have become a Licensed Teacher in my Spiritual Center. I have found the Life Design Program such an integral part of my growth and well-being that I have also become a Certified Life Design Coach. I am doing and accomplishing things now that before seemed like just a dream.

- Tom Paolini

I have taken Jackie Woodside ‘s Life Design program twice. The process is transformational. What I love is that it combines concrete activities to assess and change your life to reflect your desires and provides easy strategies to shift the negative underlying limiting beliefs and fears which impact the experience you have of your life.

- Amanda Coburn

I took Life Design several years ago. It is a expansive, and impactful coaching process. Truly life changing! So much so that I became a certified life design coach. I would highly recommend this.

- Karen Leavitt

Life Design has been a gift for me. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction for most of my adult life. Life Design coupled with my coach’s guidance gave me the tools I needed to break free from the bondage of my ego and open the door to discovering the power of my true essence.

- Cindy McKay Santos

Life Design provided a structure to reevaluate all the areas of my life. I now see clearly what I came here to do and what talents I could use to be of further service in the world. If you are feeling that your life lacks focus and meaning, Life Design is a great place to try look through a different lens with a strong life coach and powerful tools of transformation to shift your levels of awareness and your life.

- Ruth Cook
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