“Help Clients Answer the Big Questions in Life with This Consciousness-Based Coaching Program”

What is my purpose? What do I value? Why am I here? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? How can I sustain my progress and momentum?


Life Design - Your pathway to personal power and freedom

Stress, meaninglessness, lack of direction and purpose, and many stress-related conditions cost our country over $1 TRILLION dollars a year in medical bills and lost productivity!

A Study by the University of California Irvine Center for Occupational & Environmental Health found, over $400 BILLION is Spent on Stress-Related Treatments Every Year.

The medical world makes a mess out of this instead of using practical and simple solutions to ease this crisis. Drugs just dull the pain. Therapy is time-consuming and expensive. Vacations or spas are only temporary solutions.  Still, scores of people spend millions of dollars on the “latest cure” for dissatisfaction, stress, and unhappiness.

Most standard psychological treatments and modalities leave clients feeling misunderstood when it comes to existential concerns. To better help clients, patients, students, and employees struggling with these issues, we need to understand what is causing this widespread ‘meaning crisis’ and what we can do about it before promoting the importance of living a happy, fulfilled life.

This Coaching Program offers:

  • Numerous practical exercises
  • Useful inventories
  • Perennial wisdom teachings
  • A step-by-step process to increase meaning in life
  • A foundation in scientific research
  • Easy-to-use, hands-on tools to put this formula into immediate practice

Ease of use – so your clients can immediately use this process to bring about the changes you have long desired. 

Life Design - Your pathway to personal power and freedom

What is This Masterclass About?

The Life Design Course is an online program for coaches, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and trainers who want to help clients intentionally design the way that they are living and being in life. It is a program specifically created to enhance self-empowerment, clarity, and meaning in life. The program helps clients discover their values, purpose, mission and vision so as to connect them to their compelling “why” so that they can triumph over any adversity.

Learn, Coach & Teach

This self-paced online coaching program provides you with all the materials you need to apply and teach the content yourself, including a 100+ page workbook, a fully detailed trainers manual, PowerPoint presentations, writing exercises, inventories, and more.


What You Get

You will get lifelong access and updates to:

  • Live Recordings of The Life Design Course Program
  • 100+ page, beautifully graphic designed workbook to use with your clients
  • A 100-page training manual
  • Professional PowerPoint Slides (easy to customize)
  • Recommended Books, Articles, Movies & Videos (+ Quotes)
  • Ask Questions and Get Professional Advice for a Seasoned Expert Mentor