Master Classes


The New You in 2022

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In this LIVE Training, you will learn:

1. How I was able to create enough change in my life to go from flat broke, homeless, depressed, addicted, and battered to 7-figures with 3 waterfront homes, happily married, centered, and living on purpose. (And how you can use those same strategies too!).

2. How applying the laws of nature to your change process accelerates your progress.

3. How micro changes make a macro impact.

4. The stages and steps to the change process and how not understanding this will sabotage your success.

5. The golden key to behavior change, and how to use it in your life.



Living in Quantum Consciousness

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In this Deep Dive Training, you will learn:

1. The #1 reason most people struggle with negative thinking and how to change that.

2. What consciousness is, and how many teachers are missing the mark on this crucial information!

3. The steps I took to create a thriving international business after being flat broke, homeless, depressed, addicted and surviving domestic violence! (And how you can use these steps to create your transform your life!)

4. What your life purpose is and how to go about fulfilling it.

5. How to consistently generate uplifting emotions, regardless of what is happening around you.



Use your Mind to Train Your Brain

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The masterclass will help each participant to:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of the mind, mindfulness, and consciousness.

2. Develop your ability to elevate and expand your moment-to-moment experience of life.

3. Learn a new model of energetic consciousness and how to apply it to your life.

4. Develop a solid understanding of the distinction between:

  • Circumstance and experience
  • Mind and brain
  • Consciousness and awareness

5. Learn a mindful approach to use your mind to train your brain.