December 23, 2015 Jackie Woodside

Press Release – Calming the Chaos

How did a relative unknown end up on the Top Ten Motivational Books of 2015 list with NY Times best sellers and authors who have sold millions of books?

BOSTON & NEW YORK – Dec. 23, 2015 – PRLog — Jackie Woodside, author of “Calming The Chaos – A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather Than Your Time” recently landed as one of the top 10 motivational books of 2015 on Woodside was chosen alongside Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Bernard Roth, to name a few of Inc’s top 10 authors listed by Contributing Editor, Geoffrey James. James describes “Calming The Chaos” through a two-point prong we recently noted in a former press release.


How did a relative unknown end up on the Top Ten Motivational Books of 2015 list with NY Times best sellers and authors who have sold millions of books?

This tragedy to triumph story is nothing less than intriguing, motivational and inspiring. Jackie Woodside is an emerging leadership expert and spiritual teacher whose uncanny path to being a successful author is sure to inspire you to reach for your dreams!

Jackie’s family experienced a series of unthinkable tragedies when she was a young child. Three of her family members, including her father, were killed in separate car accidents within nine months of one another.

Having survived these tragic events early in life, Jackie went on to survive just about every other imaginable trauma and tragedy going into her adulthood, including domestic violence and subsequent homelessness as she sought to establish safety from this battering situation. She was treated for and has fully recovered from depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was also diagnosed with Adult ADD and through the methods in her Calming The Chaos book, she was able to shed the psychopharmacological medications used to treat this condition.

As part of Jackie’s early coping, she turned to various forms of addiction and underwent treatment, including 12-step recovery. While Jackie appreciates the years she spent in 12-step, she does not adhere to the “once an addict, always an addict” philosophy. Jackie asserts that after many years of sobriety that she has recovered from addictions. She firmly believes in the power of self-identity and no longer says, “I am an addict” or “I am addicted to…” She prefers, “By the grace of God, I have recovered from addiction” and she firmly believes others can learn to do the same.

From the outside looking in, one would not realize Jackie has suffered such tragedy and difficulty, as she now lives a high-consciousness life of happiness and gratitude. She is committed to transforming people’s lives as outlined in “Calming The Chaos – A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather Than Your Time.”

Based on the “Calming The Chaos” philosophy, Jackie practices and teaches a life-changing message through her books, coaching, consulting, keynote speaking engagements and Life Design Curriculum, along with other learning tools available here.

As we near the new year of 2016, Jackie provides a tip to follow on your journey:

“As you move through your life, recognize the power of your beliefs and who you say you are. Your self-identity is the key to your fulfillment and success!”

A Nugget from “Calming The Chaos”:

“What does it mean to manage your energy rather than your time? Traditional methods of managing time focus on externals asked if time is something outside of you. The truth is that we live in a time and how we move through and relate to time determines the quality of our experience in life. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. How often do we find ourselves living a ‘someday’ life? ‘Someday I am going to slow down. Someday things will feel less chaotic. Someday I will be peaceful.’ Unfortunately, it is too often the case that someday never comes.”

“Calming The Chaos” has also earned Jackie a 5-star rating on Amazon with multiple reviews…

“Elegant mix of philosophy and practical advice.”

“Calming The Chaos is a lifestyle changer that will benefit every aspect of you.”

“This book teaches you the difference between what is finite and, therefore, limited, and what is infinite and, therefore, untamable.”

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