Productivity Summit 2022

14 Experts Reveal Little Known Information from the New Science and Technology of Productivity

The way we’re living and working isn’t working. Stress is the cause of 75% of medical appointments, divorce, and family strife. Entrepreneurs and leaders in EVERY industry report the same thing over and over: There’s TOO MUCH TO DO and NOT ENOUGH TIME TO DO IT!

Former approaches to work and life are no match for the onslaught of information, data, demands, interruptions and distractions of today’s environment.

Thankfully, there’s a new, emerging science of productivity to help you tame the endless onslaught of data, tasks, and to-do’s.

If you are serious about optimizing your productivity skills and habits, then you MUST join us and listen to 14 leading experts in the field.

In my BRAND-NEW Productivity Summit,
these experts will present strategies around:

      • Organization
      • Planning
      • Habits
      • Systems
      • Technology
      • Self-Management
      • Energy

Each of these topics will help you ease stress and maximize your productivity and potential
in every area of life.

The Productivity Summit is a unique week-long, exclusive online event.

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In this engaging, information-packed learning experience, you will learn everything you need to reach your goals, and maximize your efforts in every way.


Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store:

  • Robb Brown, author of the Ultimate Client Experience and Truest Fan: Live, Love, and Lead with Purpose will teach you how to eliminate distractions and unleashing the unmistakable energy of putting your most important priorities first.
  • Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, and creator of the Million Dollar Virtual Summit Program, Liam Austin will show you how to make it easy to create high impact virtual events, doubling your production from half the effort!
  • Founder of the PlanSimple company and the PlanSimple podcast, Mia Moran, will teach you the link between self-care and productivity while also helping you know the first thing to do when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Online tech expert and author of Taming the Tiger, Anke Herrmann, will teach you the two biggest mistakes business owners make that get them into “tech trouble” – how to avoid wasting precious time & money on the wrong tools at the wrong time.
  • Energetic, tell-it-like-it-is speaker and award-winning coach, Katrina Sawa, has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XM Radio Network, and ABC. She will show you how to put your business on autopilot and watch your profits skyrocket!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg with what we have in store for you. Over the course of fourteen interviews, the Productivity Summit covers everything from habits to execution, focus, task management, self-care, how to manage your energy rather than your time, and more.

Here’s the rest of our thought-leader lineup:

  • David Henzel: International leadership, habit, and organizational development guru
  • Bejeel Pramar: Founder of Productivity Buzz and BeeEpic Outsourcing Services
  • Jill Luplin: Four-time best-selling author, international speaker, and publicity expert, scheduled
  • Ray Brehm: Featured on America’s Top Authors, Fox News, CNN, and CNBC, business expert and productivity guru
  • Ellen Finklestein:
  • Antonio Thornton: Author of five best-selling books, teaching actionable tools and strategies helping you live a life you love!
  • Dan Mangena: Business expert and coach has been featured on Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, and a host of other major media as an expert in building a business and life that works.
  • Julie Hood: Founder of Course Creators HQ and technology tools expert
  • And me 🙂 Jackie Woodside: USA Today and Amazon Best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, founder of the Curriculum for Conscious Living.These people are revolutionizing the way we think about intentional living and working.


    To check out these fantastic presentations, all you need to do is register for the Productivity Summit. It’s totally free and virtual.

    Since the summit is virtual, you don’t have to worry about travel. Each day I’ll send you a link where you can access the new presentations. This summit is free to attend, and most of all, tremendously impactful on YOU for how you live and work.

    But don’t wait. The Productivity Summit runs September 19-26.

    Click here to register for VIP Replay Access

Here’s what other people have had to say…

Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside TEDx Speaker

I love telling newer coaches that I have been coaching about as long as they have been alive!

With 27-years of experience as a professional coach and trainer, I now spend my time developing coaches and leaders to bring excellence to their clients and teams.

David Henzel

David Henzel

David is the CEO of upcoach, a software platform that helps coaches to transform their business and their customers. David Henzel runs a portfolio of saas and productized service businesses under His passion project is, a Personal Mastery System for Entrepreneurs & Peak Performers.

Liam Austin


Liam Austin is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits, dozens of quick workshops, and many more online events, hosting over 400 speakers whilst educating 100,000+ business owners through his programs.

Virtual Events That Sell is his 6-week implementation program which makes it easy for you to create your own high impact virtual events, from workshops and masterminds to summits and conferences, with the end goal of selling more of your high-ticket offer (includes how to blueprint, validate and sell your new program.)

Liam is also the creator of the Million Dollar Virtual Summit Program, where he partners with select clients to generate seven figures.

Beejel Parmar

Beejel Parmar has been advising businesses and entrepreneurs on the subjects of productivity and outsourcing to virtual assistants since 2009. His experience comes from helping grow a business to over 500 virtual assistants, and today his new company, BeeEPIC Outsourcing, boast an incredible client retention track record.

He is also co-founder of Productive Buzz, a Virtual Assistant supported pioneering priority planning, task calendar scheduling, task completion tracking and accountability program to help clients focus, prioritize, schedule tasks and check in daily to track what got done / did not get done.

Audiences globally have been entertained by his costumed character presentations, and inspired by the story of how Beejel and his family had to leave the US in 2010, and how they embarked on a 5-year adventure. Beejel wishes he could go back in time and make better business and financial decision, alas he can’t, instead he’s an advocate for inspiring kids and teens to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to become money smart in their younger years.

Jill Lublin

Jill Lublin

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book, Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories.

Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course, and consults and speaks all over the world.

She has spoken on many stages with luminaries such as Tony Robbins. She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtain foreign rights deals. Visit and

Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcast host of Do it with Dan and Beyond Success, a life & business transformation coach, and an international public speaker who is known for programs and content that take clients and students to next level living. He has helped thousands of people across the globe achieve wealth mastery and truly abundant lives.

Featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, the Jack Canfield show, and in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, Daniel’s mission is to spread his teachings worldwide with the intention to “spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life”.

  • Anke Herrmann

    Anke is a business coach, online tech expert and author of Taming the Tech Monster.

    She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2004 when she quit her software developer job in the UK, moved to Spain and started a sewing business dressing flamenco artists. Turns out, it felt like riding a wild elephant unti she realized that building a business really is a CREATIVE PROCESS, just like sewing a dress or developing software – a magical mix of vision, skill and soul.

    Today she guides experienced coaches through her TORNADO process to help them deliver impactful programs online without tech headaches. Creating a 5-star customer experience with the right systems & tools to turn clients into raving (and returning) fans.

    Ellen Finkelstein

    Ellen Finkelstein teaches experts who want to get their Knowledge out to the world how to reach more people with profitable, online products and courses.

    She started out editing and then writing computer books for McGraw-Hill and Wiley & Sons. One of her books, updated annually, ended up being over 1200 pages, so she had to learn how to manage her time while writing on deadline.

    She has successfully created and sold dozens of online products and courses. In her coaching, she uses her experience to help experts turn their knowledge into online products so they can create positive change for as many people as possible. Ellen helps them organize their time so they can build an audience, maintain their relationships with that audience, and still have time to create their products or courses.

    She is well known for her daily emails that she says take her only about half an hour to write each morning. Those emails are the foundation of her business. Learn more at

    Mia Moran

    Mia Moran

    Mia Moran is an inspiring mentor for women who are balancing work, family and their wellness. She believes women have the power to change the future for the better — but not if they are stressed out and overwhelmed.

    Mia is a mom of three teenagers, entrepreneur and coach, who also makes time for family, wellness and joy — and she hopes to empower 1 million moms to feel a deep sense of balance and ease.

    She is the host of the PlanSimple podcast, bestselling author of PlanSimple Meals, and creator of the FLOW Planning Method and Planner, and FLOW365, a year-long program designed to help women lean into their life for a year, making choices and change one 90-day season at a time.

    Her company, PlanSimple, helps women ditch overwhelm and wear all their hats with ease. The planner and programs are focused on making health, family, home, spirituality, productivity and entrepreneurship more easeful, supported and fun.

    Mia is an inspiring speaker. She has been on all major news channels, is a frequent podcast guest, and has spoken at schools and conferences around the US.

    Katrina Sawa

    Katrina Sawa

    Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is a 10x Int’l Best-Selling Author with 18 books including Love Yourself Successful, Your New Business Now, and the Jumpstart Your book series. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® & Sales System, Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker System and Jumpstart Your Biz in 90 Days System.

    Katrina also runs the Int’l Speaker Network to empower entrepreneurs and speakers to use speaking to grow and monetize their businesses. She founded Jumpstart Publishing to serve the needs of the small business owners and speakers she was serving in 2019. Katrina’s publishing company now publishes or serves a minimum of 50 authors every year and can be found at

    Katrina is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is speaker and award-winning coach who has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC. The LA Tribune, and TheCW. She’s a featured contributor to the Women Speakers Association, Women’s Prosperity Network, Polka Dot Powerhouse and the Public Speakers Association of which she was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award. Katrina is also a two-time nominee for the Wise Woman Award with the National Association of Women Business Owners and a member of a dozen or more women or entrepreneurial organizations.

    Rob Brown

    Rob Brown

    Rob Brown has spent most of his career in the financial services industry as a top-producing financial advisor as well as in several executive leadership roles. Now, as a business coach and strategic advisor, Rob helps his clients achieve excellence while living more purpose-filled lives.

    Rob is an author, devoted husband and father and a lifelong Cleveland baseball fan. He wrote the books “Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience” and “Truest Fan: Live, Love and Lead with Purpose and Impact.” And he is the creator of the 4D Planning Routine, a framework his clients use to truly get more done in less time with more happiness everyday.

    Julie Hood

    Julie Hood

    Julie Hood helps turn coaches, authors, experts and bloggers into well-paid experts with their own amazing online courses – created quickly and easily!

    She shares the best tools, resources and strategies (after 20 years of running an online business) each week on her Course Creators HQ podcast & her website at

    Ray Brehm

    Ray Brehm

    Ray is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, an audience building expert and founder of Summit Lab and the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™