REPLAY “Money Mindset for Challenging Times”

In this LIVE 90-minute Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Determine if 11 specific money beliefs are blocking your desires

    (There’s a quick and easy quiz to find out which beliefs are standing in your way.)

  • 3 strategies to reverse low vibe beliefs to create an empowering relationship with money for the rest of your life.

  • Why earning more money will never be the solution to erasing your money stress (and what to do about that)

  • The exact steps and strategies I used to go from homeless to 7-figure assets (and how you can use them too!)

  • The science behind how your mind creates your financial condition and how you can use it to your favor.

  • Specific strategies to elevate and expand your money mindset

What other people say about my programs:

The Money Mindset Mastery coaching course changed my life! I was completely unconscious of my ways of thinking about money. Jackie has a profound and deep way of challenging and changing your mindset with your relationship to what causes angst and discomfort in this subject. Through this course, I have gained a confident, and liberated way of my thoughts and beliefs around money. I am so empowered by this course! I am free of all limiting beliefs around money and I am at peace with my financial way of being. What a blessing!

- Melissa K, NJ, USA

Jackie Woodside’s Money Vibe class was just the thing I needed to get focused on intentional living. Her fresh and practical approach made it easy for me to get clear on my beliefs, self-imposed limitations, and where I needed to shift. I’ve made several shifts since the class, but what I’m most excited about is how my partner and I are getting specific and intentional about our plans. It is finally happening instead of just talking about it! Thanks, Jackie!

- Sarah P, MD, USA

Jackie’s Money Mindset work offers step-by-step highly personalized tools to demystifying money based on one’s beliefs and values resulting in my now creating more fulfilling, more empowered relationships with money!

- Sue C, MA, USA