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I know you’re ambitious about your future.

But let me ask you a super important question – After trying hundreds of new things:

Did you give up on having a life where you always make enough money to enjoy and prosper, rather than barely scraping by? And a life where you can focus on spending your money on what’s important to you instead of drowning under the crushing weight of debt?

Let’s begin with a quick question

What’s the #1 difference between the mind of a prosperous person and the mind of a person who goes through life struggling with money, stressed out, and yet wishing they had more?

In my 30 years as a therapist, professional development trainer, and coach, THIS is the single biggest question that kept me up at night.

Because I’ve seen – and FELT – the pain of not having enough. The frustration of being constantly worried about money; the pain we see on the faces of our close ones when we’re unable to provide them enough.

And how something you’ve been planning so carefully can so easily go up in smoke, just because of ONE unexpected crisis. (That has happened to me more times than I want to recount!).

In fact, my mantra for so many years was, “I’m just gettin’ by because of those past events.

After all my years of study and practice, I’ve learned some powerful truths about success, money, wealth, and personal growth that will finally allow you to raise your MONEY VIBE and experience more of what you want in life!

So here it is:

The single most important measure of a person’s wealth and success is tied to the vibratory pattern of their Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts (BEAT).


YOU have the power not just to change the reality around you – but also to change the very essence of WHO you are, at any time, and at any age.

Countless people are already doing it at this very moment while you’re reading this.

With some effort and right guidance, you can transform your financial condition, and your life.

That’s why rich people can’t help but think thoughts, make decisions, and stick to habits that make themselves and their loved ones richer. It’s the natural order of things when you live in that VIBE!

Look, you have probably tried do-it-yourself courses around money, and maybe that helped some but maybe it’s time to reset your beliefs, emotions, attitude and thoughts to match those of a naturally rich and successful person.

But I must admit:

Raising your vibe in this way is a delicate process.

You are, after all, diving deep into the very CORE of your being  and unravelling decades of conditioning and programming!

Which is why the process won’t work without the necessary care, attention, guidance, and precision.

Maybe you need to do something new, different, and radical.

And that’s why I’m beyond excited to share with you something I’ve been working on for years. Something that holds the key to financial abundance, security, and freedom. 

Something I don’t want you to miss

I’m SO excited to share with you: The Money Vibe Mastermind Program.

The Money Vibe Mastermind Program is a LIVE, THREE MONTH online coaching process that’s designed to change your vibration, i.e., your Money Vibe and your financial life, as you address and elevate your beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts, which IMMEDIATELY changes your outcomes and results.

When you THINK AND FEEL differently, you make different choices, and attract different people and circumstances.

You can finally achieve any wealth goal you have for yourself.

Like significantly increasing your income.

Earning that raise or promotion.

Escaping the crushing pressure of debt.

And overcoming stubborn financial blocks that have plagued you for years.

But here’s the best part:

I am REALLY excited to get the Money Vibe Method into the world, and use it to create profound peace and prosperity,

So, I am PERSONALLY leading this Money Vibe Mastermind group, and only accepting a VERY FEW committed journeyers who will DIVE DEEP into this work to create a profound shift in their money and their lives. 

So let me quickly show you how it works.

The Money Vibe Method contains three distinct phases of growth and development. It is what I call “The ABC’s of Wealth Mastery.”



1. Awareness

You cannot change what you cannot or are unwilling to see. The beginning of any true change process begins with seeing the real truth, the whole truth, even the hidden truth about the current situation.

In this section of the Money Vibe Method, we go deep and broad into assessing your current relationship with money and your financial condition.


2. Building

In order to experience true financial freedom, you need to build a new context, create a new infrastructure upon which you will build.

This section helps you clarify the compelling reasons WHY you want more money, and to align these desires with Who You Are and What You Value. Making money is easy. Feeling satisfied with the money you have is a whole different ballgame. This section helps you do both.

3. Creating

There is so much more to life than just making money. Once you understand the keys to financial freedom, you want to be sure you are manifesting your desires in every area of life.

This section teaches you tried and true manifestation principles so you can create prosperity in every area of life. Based in scientific research, and proven by hundreds of thousands of committed people, these manifestation principles will impact you in innumerable ways for the rest of your life.

Each module of the Money Vibe Method offers powerful tools and techniques designed to raise your vibe and bring greater abundance into your life.

I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself when you try the Money Vibe Method in the Money Vibe Mastermind Program.

I’m sure you are wondering if this will really work for you. I can promise you, if you do the work, you will reap the rewards. But in case you need more evidence, take a look at just two simple quips from people who have used even a small piece of this method:


Here are some of the many success stories.

Jackie’s approach is so much better that other money manifesting programs.

I am so impressed with Jackie’s method of manifesting money! It’s simple and easy and really works! I set an intention for an additional income of $8,000. On day 8, I received almost $9,000 from my tax return. This was something I wasn’t expecting and a complete surprise! 

Jackie’s approach is so much better that other money manifesting programs. For me it is because of the suggested focus on abundance in my life. This really works$. Thank you, Jackie!

~ Mary Madeiras, TV & Film Writer, Director, Akashic Records Practitioner, Ojai, California

I’m thrilled with all of the success.

“My experience with the Money Vibe Method netted many unexpected things including now THREE new clients and over $28,000 of income over the past month alone!

 I’m thrilled with all of the success.

My credit score is now up 107 points and climbing. 

You have made the biggest impact on my life than anyone ever has. 

Thank you so very much.”

~ Dea Shandera-Hunter, Independent Entertainment Professional, Los Angeles, California.

The Money Vibe Mastermind Group is for you if:

  • You want to stop worrying about money and feel greater freedom.
  • You want to bring more money into your life.
  • You KNOW there is more available in life and you want to go after it.
  • You tried other prosperity programs that did not give you lasting results.
  • You want to be able to do more of the things you desire, and support more of the loved ones and causes you care about.

The Money Vibe Method Elevates You
Toward Financial Success with These ABC’s:


Taking a deep and broad look at your current financial situation and getting present to “What’s so” about your financial life. (A client once told me that THIS ONE STEP SAVED HIS LIFE!).


Once you have a clear picture of your financial limitations and blocks, you can quickly and easily go to work creating a new Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, Thoughts AND ACTIONS that massively impact the way you experience and create money.


Understanding these principles gives you the power to translate this wisdom to any and every area of your life. You can manifest better relationships, health, career success, and create the legacy you have long desired.

To support your transformation, you’ll also receive:

1. THREE MONTHS of coaching, TEN 60-minute LIVE sessions with me, an expert with 30 years of experience in coaching and training. Sessions are jam packed with education, exercises, coaching, and sharing.

Nothing compares to being in the inner circle of a world-class coach, having that level of support and coaching at your fingertips THREE MONTHS. You will not be the same person at the end of this journey.

2. THREE private, one-on-one coaching calls with me.

The group calls are your best ally in creating sustained change, because you can see yourself in the dialogue of others. However, there’s also something powerful about personalized attention. I’m building in plenty of one-on-one time to this program, so you get everything you need to totally revolutionize your relationship with money.

3. The Money Vibe Affirmations PDF

Also fully printable, this PDF is packed with supercharged affirmations that are specifically designed to build and strengthen the foundation of abundant vibratory pattern in your mind.

4. Your own Personal Accountability Group to stay in action, do the work, and build a support network of like-minded people.

Let’s face it, ACCOUNTABILITY IS KING (or QUEEN as it might be!). I will take the time to set up accountability partnership groups where you can meet with your Accountability Team for motivation, support, and to ensure you do the work of changing your Money Vibe.

A Facebook group of high-vibe, like-minded people where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, lend and receive support.

Support and connection at your fingertips 24 hours a day on this high-vibe Facebook Group “Money Vibe Masters.”

And if for any reason at all you’re not satisfied then email us for a fast and friendly 100% refund. 

I usually charge $8997 to take you from not knowing your money vibe to help you transform your financial future.

But because I know you’re an action taker.

And I know you can’t wait to create the life of your dreams.

I want to give you an unfair advantage over 100’s of other people who will join @ $8997

So I am offering this course for a limited period of time at a 56% discount.

For just $3997.

PAY $3,997.00 IN FULL


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$997 now and 6 additional payments of $497.

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Here’s what other people have had to say…

“Money Vibe is an engaging, informed, and systematic catalyst to understand and powerfully transform your relationship with money. ”

David Krueger, M.D. / MentorPath

“How we think and feel about money has a direct impact our our relationship with it, and with the wrong mindset we will always be stressed and struggling about money. Money Vibe helps you create the right mindset so the you can have a positive relationship, one that will help your peace of mind and build a profitable future.”

Marcia Wieder / Dream University

““OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK. I saw myself in almost every example. I now realize I need to do some major mental overhauling. That is okay. I loved it.  I am going to re-read it again and again, I’m sure. ”

Noreen Daly-McArdle / Bayer HealthCare

“Jackie Woodside’s Money Vibe masterfully weaves stories, facts, inventories, philosophies and practical skills into one inviting and engaging process for readers. This book makes a fascinating read for anyone wanting to improve their relationship to money and quality of life.”

Ralph Sanders / Break Loose: Anything is Possible

“I want to thank you for your Money Vibe course and the whole experience! It was wonderful and I have gained so much! As a result of your program, I have been offered a new job that has much more earning potential and I am very excited about it. I have no doubt that it has been from your program and raising my money vibe!”

Christopher K / NJ, USA

“The Money Mindset Mastery coaching course changed my life! I was completely unconscious of my ways of thinking about money. Jackie has a profound and deep way of challenging and changing your mindset with your relationship to what causes angst and discomfort in this subject. Through this course, I have gained a confident, and liberated way of my thoughts and beliefs around money. I am so empowered by this course! I am free of all limiting beliefs around money and I am at peace with my financial way of being. What a blessing!”

Melissa K / NJ, USA

“Jackie Woodside’s Money Vibe class was just the thing I needed to get focused on intentional living. Her fresh and practical approach made it easy for me to get clear on my beliefs, self-imposed limitations, and where I needed to shift. I’ve made several shifts since the class, but what I’m most excited about is how my partner and I are getting specific and intentional about our plans. It is finally happening instead of just talking about it! Thanks, Jackie!.”

Sarah P.

“Jackie’s Money Mindset work offers step-by-step highly personalized tools to demystifying money based on one’s beliefs and values resulting in my now creating more fulfilling, more empowered relationships with money!”

Sue C