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18th April 2022
7 PM – 8:15 PM Eastern Time (NY)
4 PM – 5:15 PM Pacific Time (LA)

In this LIVE Two-Hour Masterclass, you will learn:

What’s happening in your brain when procrastinate
How to manage yourself rather than the frustration cycle of trying to manage time
Why you must align your actions with your values
The 3-Strikes Rule that will help you eliminate procrastination forever
5 specific skills that prime your brain for success
Why you should never rely on motivation to overcome procrastination

What other people say about my programs:

- Nigel Risner

I’m grateful for all the wisdom and love that you put into the world, and I’ve learned a great deal from your books! Thank YOU for all you do!

- Meg R.

I’m so thankful for you! Thank you for tirelessly pouring your light, love, energy, and mind into our spaces! I am changed!

- Chris S.