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Use Your Mind To Train Your Brain Masterclass

3 keys to Mindful Living

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The masterclass will help each participant to:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of the mind, mindfulness, and consciousness.

2. Develop your ability to elevate and expand your moment-to-moment experience of life.

3. Learn a new model of energetic consciousness and how to apply it to your life.

4. Develop a solid understanding of the distinction between:

  • Circumstance and experience
  • Mind and brain
  • Consciousness and awareness

5. Learn a mindful approach to use your mind to train your brain.

6. Be empowered as the active creator of your experience of life.

7. Develop the capacity to know peace in every moment.

Here’s what people have to say…

Jackie Woodside knows coaching and consciousness work in depth. The principles in this course are clear, precise, and the material is very rich. Having been a student of Jackie’s work for over a decade and one of her certified Life Design Coaches, I know first-hand the transformative nature in all of her programs. I highly recommend Money Mindset Mastery as an addition to every coaching practice.

~ Amanda Coburn

Thank you for changing my life, my husband’s life and my daughter’s life. Thank you for helping me manifest a dream trip to Tuscany!

~ Valerie Eagan

“Jackie is a God-send. I think she has certainly changed me for the rest my life.”

~ Catherine Sabatini