Women Warriors – Energy Management

This week on Women Warriors, Jun 1st at noon ET, our special guest is Jackie Woodside, professional coach and public speaker. Jackie will discuss the topic of “Energy Management: The Four Keys to Eliminating Overwhelm and Being Masterfully Productive” with our women warriors. Energy Management is a new concept developed and utilized by Jackie Woodside in her business and life coaching practice.

Originally trained as a psychotherapist, Jackie Woodside is a Certified Professional Coach and has been doing professional speaking, training, and coaching since 1995. She works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and inspired individuals from all over the country to help them transform their businesses and their lives into their own unique and exact vision. Jackie is a member of the International Speakers Network and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College. Jackie was a contributor to a book called Conscious Entrepreneurs, an anthology of spiritually-minded business people committed to bringing spiritual values and principles into the area of business. Her chapter on “Busyness” helps people defines a better relationship with time, bringing them into closer alignment with their vision, values, and mission. She provides four easy steps that allow people to rise to a higher level of consciousness and live in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful, and effective.

Women Warriors, is focused on providing insights and advice to Busy Women. Co-hosted by two professional coaches, Diane Dempster & Lynn Anderson, Woman Warriors features inspirational guest speakers that provide products and services that support Women Warriors. Key advice from the show’s guests will be provided each week. Guests from all aspects of a woman’s life will be showcased such as coaches, yoga/health instructors, time management experts, image consultants, stress management, leadership, and more. Join us weekly for a half hour discussion at noon ET on Wednesday.

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