Who Is Jackie Woodside?

I provide coaches and leaders with excellent coaching materials and curriculums that will skyrocket your success with your clients and teams.  I proudly specialize is Leadership Development.

I’m a certified professional coach, three-time best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality, and seminar leader whose passionate about expanding the edge of human potential. With 29-years of experience as a professional coach and trainer, I now spend my time developing coaches and leaders to bring excellence to their clients, students, and teams. Good enough” coaching is not good enough! Bring excellence to the workplace and the people you serve. “Creating a culture of excellence” is the mainstay of my coaching and leadership work. I have written over 30 training curriculums for coaches to deliver to their clients and for leadership training. These programs are now available for you to use, to make your coaching and leadership development work easier, more effective, and a lot more fun! 

Jackie Woodside

What Coaches have to say ...

Rayshawn Wilson

Discovering the Life Design Course and Jackie Woodside was a breakthrough moment for me and my business. Her comprehensive programs bring such clarity and direction to the work I have been doing over many years. Working with Jackie’s programs has elevated my progress to the next level.Clear, on-point and applicable in all life situations, Jackie’s coaching curriculums and other resources have been key to me overcoming the obstacles hindering my progress and help me to move forward at a much steadier pace.

Rayshawn Wilson

Jackie Woodside’s coaching programs, tools and resources shifted the impact I have with my coaching clients. I’ve found ways to go deeper and create insights that otherwise took so much longer. These programs and tools are immensely valuable as I seek resources to connect clients with their goals, to facilitate a mindset shift or move them to a higher way of living.Utilizing Jackie’s methods has been indispensable to my practice.

Giovanni Chekwa

Jackie Woodside’s wheelhouse of coaching curriculums offers every coach or counselor or trainer an essential library of indispensable tools, assessments and engaging activities to assist your clients from all walks of life. These coaching programs are easy to navigate, fun, and motivating. Expand your own horizons as well as those of your clients. I find these creative, powerful and practical programs indispensable. Top notch!

Amanda Coburn

Using The Life Design Course and other programs designed by Jackie Woodside have been a total game-changer for me as a coach. They are tremendous resources and provide rich value to my business.As a professional coach, I cannot say enough about how Jackie’s very well-developed programs have added incredible value to my clients. It has also saved me time in trying to find tools and resources for my clients and my training programs.I highly recommend Jackie’s coaching programs to any professional in our field.

Melinda Lejman



MY Mission


I am a torchbearer for a vision of a world transformed;
illuminating freedom, fulfillment, and passion;
igniting the flame of infinite possibility
For the human spirit.





The Life Design Course, Calming the Chaos, Transformational Leader as Coach and Jackie’s other coaching programs are ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about the practice of coaching. Jackie’s programs will equip new practitioners and will greatly expand the offerings of more experienced practitioners.

Lynette Culverhouse

Working with such a seasoned coach as Jackie Woodside made all the difference for me as I started my coaching career. Jackie’s knowledge, experience, coaching programs, support, and tools gave me the confidence I needed to move forward coaching new clients. I’ve found ways to create breakthroughs with my clients that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. Working with Jackie has lifted my coaching practice and my life to new levels.

Sukhbir Roberts

I am beyond grateful to have been a student and now a practitioner of Jackie Woodside’s coaching programs. I had long wanted offer coaching but was not inspired by the arduous task of writing meaningful and comprehensive coaching curriculums.  When I saw Jackie’s work, I knew it was something I wanted to bring to people’s lives. I was beyond excited when she announced that she would begin training coaches in her work. It has been instrumental in my success and enjoyment in the coaching arena.

Dina Crawford

Grow Your Coaching Program

Jackie Woodside created the Life Design Coaching Enhancement Program to help you develop your practice, grow your expertise, save you hours of prep-time and give you the headspace and techniques to deeply and authentically support your clients. To receive the 2021/2022 Register Dates signup today!

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