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Life Design is an online training program for coaches, therapists, trainers, and wellness professionals who want to help their clients create a clear, fulfilling, and incredibly empowered path forward in life.


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Who Is Jackie Woodside?

I provide coaches and leaders with excellent coaching materials and curriculums that will skyrocket your success with your clients and teams.  I proudly specialize is Leadership Development.

I’m a certified professional coach, three-time best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality, and seminar leader whose passionate about expanding the edge of human potential. With 29-years of experience as a professional coach and trainer, I now spend my time developing coaches and leaders to bring excellence to their clients, students, and teams. Good enough” coaching is not good enough! Bring excellence to the workplace and the people you serve. “Creating a culture of excellence” is the mainstay of my coaching and leadership work. I have written over 30 training curriculums for coaches to deliver to their clients and for leadership training. These programs are now available for you to use, to make your coaching and leadership development work easier, more effective, and a lot more fun! 

MY Mission

I am a torchbearer for a vision of a world transformed;
illuminating freedom, fulfillment, and passion;
igniting the flame of infinite possibility
For the human spirit.


Jackie Woodside

Grow Your Coaching Program

Jackie Woodside created the Life Design Coaching Enhancement Program to help you develop your practice, grow your expertise, save you hours of prep-time and give you the headspace and techniques to deeply and authentically support your clients. To receive the 2021/2022 Register Dates signup today!

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