We are living in a time of such rapid change that it is truly head-spinning and mind-boggling all at the same time. How do we keep up with the pace of change and the subsequent demands on our time, learning and growth while still being actively engaged in our conscious evolution as a person and as a human collective? The complexity of life today demands that we not just learn new skills, but that we grow in consciousness, becoming more aligned with the true nature of our birthright.

I’ve been committed to my personal growth and that of other people for as long as I can remember. Choosing a career first as a psychotherapist and later as a leadership coach and conscious living teacher, I have discovered that the path of growth in consciousness is anything but a smooth one! It demands more of you than simply going through the motions of life as a passive bystander.

In this article, I will explore some of the signs that clearly indicate that you are growing in consciousness. By this, I mean evolving your perspectives to be more broad and inclusive, while also becoming free from the confinement of the human ego. As you read through these 7 signs, look to see where your growth in consciousness has evolved as you have grown over the years.

1. An Expanded Experience of Inner Peace

Inner Peace

One of the most profound signs of shifting to elevated levels of consciousness is the experience of inner peace. Things that used to be bothersome or stressful no longer have the same power. Instead, inner peace illuminates every aspect of life. Acceptance, serenity and peace transcend feelings of angst, stress, or overwhelm.

2. Taking Responsibility for Life


Another sign of shifting to higher levels of consciousness is the realization that happiness and success are choices that come from within. You learn that you are completely responsible for creating the life you desire. As you assume full responsibility for your life, you no longer depend on external circumstances or other people to generate your happiness. Instead, you take full responsibility for your life and make empowering choices that align with your values and higher self. By embracing self-empowerment, you release the multitude of fears and “what if’s” that your ego sends your way.

3. Prioritizing Self-Care

Self care

An integral part of the journey to elevated consciousness is the acknowledgement that self-care is not selfish, but essential, especially in these fast-paced, demanding times. Over time, you learn to prioritize mental, physical, and spiritual well-being as a central value of your life. By taking care of yourself, you become better equipped to address the needs of others and bring forth your best self. Making time for good nutrition, adequate exercise and rest, quiet time of meditation, reflection, or other spiritual practices are not a luxury but a necessary component of growth and spiritual development that flow naturally from the core of elevated states of consciousness.

4. Being Called to Live a Purpose-Driven Life

Purpose-Driven Life

An essential aspect of growth in consciousness is the realization that life is not just about getting what you want or achieving all of your goals. Shifting to higher levels of consciousness often brings about a deep desire to serve others and live a purpose-driven life. As you do so, you become aware of your unique talents and desires to serve others, and feel pulled to use your gifts in ways that contribute to the well-being of humanity.

Material concerns and external validation become less important as you prioritize sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with the world. The pursuit of a meaningful life becomes a high priority.

Even with the rapid changes in our world, you don’t feel disconnected or lost but intimately connected to the greater tapestry of life itself. This deeper connection motivates you to live a life of purpose and contribute to the conscious evolution of humanity.

5. Embracing Solitude for Growth


In my journey towards higher levels of consciousness, I have come to realize the immense value of spending time alone. Solitude offers a sacred space for introspection, self-discovery, and the ability to hear that still small voice within. As you detach from the noise and distractions of the external world, you create an inner environment conducive to transformation. You come to crave time alone in a new and fulfilling way. The more time you spend in solitude, the more your vibration rises, aligning with the frequency of Divine Intelligence.

6. Being Pulled to Make Change

Make Change

As you grow in consciousness you will find that certain aspects of your life no longer align with the person you have become. This inner transformation prompts the feeling that it is time to make change. Sometimes it is a change in career to bring about more authentic self-expression. Other times people leave marriages or relocate to new regions of the world to pursue an inner call. You feel a deep pull within, urging you to take a leap of faith and step into the unknown. The old ways of being and doing no longer resonate, and you feel compelled to make transformative choices that align with your new sense of self.

7. Detachment from the Material World


As you grow in consciousness, you will notice a gradual detachment from the physical and material world. The superficial allure of possessions and material wealth loses its grip. Instead, there is satisfaction in connecting with nature, close relationships, and spiritual endeavors. This detachment doesn’t mean renouncing the physical world completely but rather recognizing its impermanence and placing greater importance on the intangible aspects of life.

As you detach from the material world, you find yourself drawn towards a deeper connection with the Divine presence within. This inner connection provides a source of comfort, guidance, and inspiration, and reminds you of the infinite potential that resides within you. Through practices such as reading, meditation, affirmative prayer, and gratitude, you strengthen your connection with the Divine and tap into the wellspring of wisdom and love that lies within your being.

This simple list is by no means exhaustive. There are so many signs to notice as you embark on the profound and transformative journey to elevated levels of consciousness. It is a journey of self-discovery, and personal and spiritual growth. The signs discussed in this article offer glimpses into this process, but there are other signs to notice as well. You will likely feel an expanded sense of gratitude toward all of life, and a richness in even simple experiences. You feel less stress over simple things, and have a greater ability to get along with all kinds of people. Notice the small, simple changes as you grow, and celebrate your expansiveness.

As you experience inner peace, take responsibility for your life, prioritize self-care, and foster a greater sense of purpose and meaning, you inch closer to our true nature. By embracing solitude, making transformative changes, and detaching from the material world, you pave the way for a deeper connection with your authentic self and a connection with your spiritual nature. May this journey guide us all towards a life of greater compassion, love, and peace.