What you will learn in this groundbreaking curriculum:

1. How to manage your energy rather than your time. ​

What’s the benefit of this? You have more energy, greater focus, and you feel better.

2. How to ditch your endless “to do list” but actually get more done than you did with one! ​

How will this help you? You will become the LEAST STRESSED, MOST PRODUCTIVE PERSON YOU KNOW!

3. How your mindset impacts your productivity. ​

Why does this matter? You want to get more done and feel better, right? It’s not just about what you do. It’s also about how you think, what you believe and the self-talk you produce.

4. How to move from being chronically busy to meaningfully productive. ​

Wait, but isn’t everyone busy? Yeah, everyone is busy – that’s the problem. Very few people are actually PRODUCTIVE! Once you see the difference, you’ll learn how to stop the endless cycle of busyness that is sucking your soul!

Why there is no such thing as time management!

Far too many people in contemporary culture feel they don’t have enough time to “get it all done.” The stress of this chronic overwhelm creates a disorganized mind that leads to a chaotic life. Based on her highly acclaimed “Energy Management” workshops, and drawn from over 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, professional trainer and speaker Jackie Woodside shares her breakthrough methods that lead to becoming the least stressed, most productive person you know!

In Calming the Chaos, you will learn the step-by-step skills and thought processes that lead to increased productivity and peace of mind. Jackie’s approach stems from the new frontier of human performance called energetic consciousness. Part philosophy, part psychology, fully practical application, you will learn:

  • Why there is no such thing as time management and what to do instead.
  • How to manage your energy instead of your time and stress.
  • The three-step formula for managing every component of your life for the rest of your life!
  • Why “to-do lists” are a set up for failure and what really works.
  • “The Three Strikes Rule” that will end procrastination for good!
  • How to always know that you have the time for what you want and need to do!

Many books promise to change your life; applying these principles will make this a reality!

Jackie Woodside

About Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside is a leader, speaker, and author of the best-selling books, “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time”, “Money Vibe: Your Financial Freedom Formula* *whether you have money or not!” and “Time for Change! Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable”.

Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality and seminar leader who is passionate about the expanding the edge of human potential. Jackie has written two best-sellers, “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time” and “Time for a Change! Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable” Jackie was featured along with Jack Canfield and Don Miguel Ruiz on the Wake Up! TV show in 2015.

Jackie provides custom training programs, workshops and keynote speeches for businesses, government and non-profit organizations, spiritual centers and national organizations around the country.                                             SEE the Amazon Author page HERE.




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