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Executive and Leadership Coaching: Expanding The Edge of YOUR Potential

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Expanding Energy, Elevating Consciousness, Evolving Leaders

Leadership is a complex mix of skill, ability, attitude and mindset. So many leaders find themselves thrust into a leadership role with little or no formal training on how to actually lead people. As skilled performers begin to shine in the office setting, they get promoted into “management” without knowing the difference between being a boss, manager and leader. Executive coaching focuses on this exact dilemma.

Jackie Woodside

Working with Jackie as your Executive Coach you can expect to:

  • Develop your communication skills to learn how to create true collaboration on your team
  • Expand and deepen your emotional intelligence
  • Manage your personal energy and consciousness in a way that you accelerate your performance rather than burn out
  • Develop your own unique leadership style that is a reflection of the professional you want to be
  • Learn the difference between being a boss, manager and leader
  • Create a compelling vision for your career and your team and a clear, solid roadmap on how to get there
  • Develop the skills and capacities to stay the course even when external events may sidetrack progress
  • Develop extraordinary self management skills to know that you can and will deliver on your tasks, goals and commitments

Give yourself and your career the challenge and the gift of working with a highly skilled professional coach. Get in touch with Jackie today.

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Personal Coaching

The foundation of my work is empowerment – with that I mean living your life in alignment with your purpose, values, and mission, creating every element of life informed by these. I call it “living from the inside out.”

What most people don’t realize is that we unconsciously live within a paradigm, a reality that our society holds to be true but actually is a construction of limiting beliefs and definitions. We believe, for instance, that external circumstances are the cause of our experience in life, and that we can – and must – control the external in order to find internal happiness.

But we can’t control the people or situations around us, no matter how fully we convince ourselves that we can.

The only thing we can learn to do is manage is our selves. When we turn the focus inward, we have the ability to get clear on our values and purpose, resolve energy drains, and raise our consciousness out of the false paradigm into a new experience.

And that experience brings freedom, ease, passion and peace of mind to our lives.

As a personal coach, I help people address issues such as:

  • Marriage difficulties
  • Career change
  • Procrastination on long-held dreams
  • Productivity
  • Clutter and organization
  • Increased income and success in all areas of life

Don’t let your life keep passing you by with the same concerns and issues holding you back. Get in touch with Jackie today.

Free Consultation

Get a free consultation and all your questions answered with a quick call with me, just email me to request a time →

Dany L, Paris, France

My coaching with Jackie really helped me deal with some important issues such as addictions, distraction, and lack of focus on myself. With Jackie’s help, I developed an action plan which allowed me to overcome my biggest challenges.

Our coaching work also allowed me to find my career path. Today, I have found resources to pay for my education and I am ready to enroll in a new educational program!

Thanks to the support of Jackie, I have been able to settle new goals for myself and transform them into reality in a very short time.

The work I did with Jackie is still helping me today.


Guity H, Tehran, Iran

I am deeply grateful for having worked with my coach, Jackie. She provided this unique opportunity of consciousness raising which has become my way of life. It’s my privilege to have worked with Jackie to develop inner peace, joy, and accomplish my sacred mission as a human being.


Sarah P. Maryland

Jackie Woodside’s coaching was just the thing I needed to get focused on intentional living. Her fresh and practical way of incorporating spiritual practice to everyday life made it easy for me to get clear on my own beliefs, my self-imposed limitations, and where I needed to shift my consciousness. I’ve made several shifts since the class, but what I’m most excited about is how my partner and I are getting specific and intentional about our plans for our home. It is finally happening instead of just talking about it!

Nancy L, New Hampshire

Jackie has a gift of facilitating deep internal work for those who are coachable and ready. I have made measurable progress in getting my life balanced and living consciously. I now know when I am on track and truly living on purpose as my highest self.