Time for Change

Calming the Chaos, by Jackie Woodside

Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable

In the past ten to twenty years, everything that was once believed to be true about how we best succeed has been turned upside down.

Many people are left confused and overwhelmed when facing the two inevitabilities in life: Dealing with unexpected change they don’t want, or plan for, and creating change that they want and yet cannot generate.

Time for Change helps you understand and master the dynamics of the human change process.

    This book provides tools, insights and practical strategies to deal with changes that have come your way unexpectedly (loss of a spouse, job or other relationship; change in financial status or unexpected illness or injury for example) or strengthen your ability to succeed in the life changes you desire (change careers, get out of an unhealthy relationship or relocate to a new area).

    In this book you will learn:

    • To Identify Your Change Temperament and Why This Matters
    • The Ten Elements of Mastering Change
    • The Five Promises of Mastering Change
    • The Six Keys for Creating Sustained Change And the Most
      Important Change of All!

    This is an easy, accessible, and highly practical primer on mastering the human change process. A “must read” for those who are facing the inevitable of life: Change!

      Calming the Chaos, by Jackie Woodside