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Are you sick and tired of knowing there’s more in you but not knowing
how to live into the fullness of your wisdom, power and potential?

    • Are you done with feeling like your mind and emotions are running you rather than the other way around?
    • Swimming in a sea of negative thinking and limiting beliefs?
    • Tired of being caught up by fear, anxiety, stress and not knowing how to get out of the cycle?
    • Stuck in recurring patterns that drag you down?
    • Lost without a sense of inner purpose and direction?
    • Do you know that there is more in you than you are bringing forth in life, but feel stuck with how to access your true self?
    • Ready to turn this all around, claim your power, define yourself on your terms and design your life once and for all?

YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS is the answer to everything you want.

It is the key to Living in the Domain of Miracles

Consciousness is the KEY to reversing old patterns, living an empowered existence, manifesting your dreams and desires, growing spiritually and living a life of happiness, peace, and joy.

→ Your consciousness is the key, but it is also the biggest obstacle when you do not understand how to condition your consciousness to serve you.

→ Your consciousness consists of the beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts that propel your every decision and action in life – whether conscious or unconscious (and there’s a LOT of unconscious!).

→ What holds most people back is that they are completely unaware of the consciousness they are living in, they cannot identify all of the limiting beliefs, or what underlies them, and no access to elevating and changing them. Therefore, people get stuck in habitual patterns of thought and emotion, that leads to habitual behaviors that keep producing the same outcomes! (Sound familiar?)

→ The reality is, none of this is because you’re weak, a bad person, lazy or any other negative thought you have created about why you cannot overcome these patterns. The reason is simply – you have not been trained to live in the domain of miracles – to have dominion over your consciousness, and direct the course of your life.

You have been living your life by default, not by design.

That’s not a “bad” thing, per se.

It’s just not the intentional, clear, and fulfilling life you desire.

You have probably tried lots of things…

→ You have done lots of courses
→ You have used affirmations
→ You have created vision boards
→ Maybe you have even worked with a coach

And you still end up back in that place of feeling lost and unsure of yourself, like you just wish you knew your purpose and had more direction.

It is NOT a coincidence that you are reading this page right now.

Your higher self knows you are ready to grow, and led you here!

► You are beyond ready to live in the domain of miracles.
► You have the power to choose – to create a new direction for yourself and your life.


You have the power to transform your life and to live in the domain of miracles.

You are awakening and you are so ready for this!


  • Know your purpose
  • Live your values
  • Create a clear mission and vision with a plan to get there
  • Leave the power of your negative thinking in the past
  • Put the past behind you once and for all
  • Know and live into the power of Who
  • You Really Are
  • Be the active co-creator of your empowered life

At the end of this program, you will:

🟉 Know your life purpose
🟉 Discern your core values
🟉 Declare your personal mission
🟉 Use these elements to create a vision for how the Universe wants to express through you.
🟉 Create a clear, specific action plan, aligned with the consciousness needed to fulfill on it, so that you are set up for sustained success and fulfillment.
🟉 Understand what consciousness is and why it matters.
🟉 Understand your current level of consciousness and how it is impacting you.
🟉 Learn numerous specific strategies and practices that are scientifically proven to raise consciousness.
🟉 Improve your finances, your health, and your relationships.
🟉 Address energy drains that hold you back and drag you down.
🟉 Establish a rock-solid consciousness and beliefs to carry you forward and empower you for the rest of your life.

Living in the Domain of Miracles

A 6-month, in-depth inquiry into how to live a transformed life in every way.

Health, career, your home, your dreams, your relationships, your finances, your spiritual life… every area of life will be addressed, assessed, and newly designed to meet your exact wishes, dreams, and desires.

You will work live with me as your coach, mentor and guide. You will come to see the profound difference it makes to claim your power – just like I did many years ago.

Jackie Woodside

I am passionate about this program because it literally saved my life. Back in the 1990’s I was not only depressed and flat broke, I was also just out of a battering relationship, and even homeless for a time.

My life was a mess. I KNEW this wasn’t the life I was born to lead, and that I needed to find a way forward to claim authority over my life.

The principles of this course were what helped me do so.

🞵 From homeless to 3 water-front homes
🞵 From domestic violence to happily married for 22 years
🞵 From depression to happiness and fulfillment
🞵 From feeling like a loser to knowing I am in charge of my life.

No matter where you are in life, there’s a path forward for YOU to claim your power too.

Here’s What Others Just Like You
Have Experience…

If you follow the process, you will get there…

After meeting some of Jackie’s students from Living in the Domain of Miracles, I said to myself, “I want that. I want to do whatever it takes to feel that way, to express that way, to have the countenance that they do. So that’s how I took Jackie’s course. This course is such a solid foundation to understand who you are, it’s a great structure to build upon. I like that you get to do all of this without digging up your past and old wounds. Jackie’s course is designed to be a roadmap to help you live your best life possible, and if you follow the process, you will get there.
– Lavera Graves, TX

Paved the way to discovering my life’s purpose…

Living in the Domain of Miracles has been a gift for me. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction for most of my adult life. Jackie’s coursework, along with her guidance and support have given me the tools I needed to break free from the bondage of my ego and open the door to discovering my true essence. Identifying my core values paved the way to discovering my life’s purpose, my mission and vision. I am truly grateful for the gift of Living in the Domain of Miracles for the rest of my life!
– Cindy Santos, NH

My life became much brighter very quickly… 

Living in the Domain of Miracles continues to have a major impact on my life. I could not have imagined the shifts that would occur as I worked with you to unearth MY values, mission, vision and goals. I thought I knew who I was before our work, your curriculum increased my awareness significantly. I found life, energy, and sense of compassion elevating. Others around me began to reflect positive changes also. My life became much brighter quickly.
– Karen Woods, FL

The biggest thing for me are the internal shifts… 

I had a friend who had participated in Jackie’s program, and she said to me, “You have HAVE TO do this.” Funny thing, once you are in Jackie’s program, you just keep taking them over and over again, because your life is constantly changing. I’ve felt like a very different person each time I’ve taken it, and recently someone even said to me, “You look different.” And I feel different. The biggest thing for me are the internal shifts, how I experience myself, how I experience circumstances. I will continue living into that going forward.
– Amanda Coburn, MA

Course dates: January 11 – June 13, 2024
Thursdays at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time
Tuition: $997 $497

By following this unique formula, blending science and spirituality, thousands of people’s lives have been transformed in every area: career, health, relationships, marriage, finance, and the rise in life satisfaction is astounding.

If you don’t believe you can truly live in the domain of miracles, think again.
Let me show you how!

Beautifully designed
100+ page workbook

Weekly live sessions
and recordings of each session

Your own
accountability team

Once a month
Live Q and A sessions with Jackie

6-Month Program

Course dates: January 11 – June 13, 2024
Thursdays at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time
Tuition:  $997 for a limited time only $497

Add one-to-one coaching
to your program for just $997

Every month get a personal coaching session with Jackie for the entirety of the 6-month program!
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