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How to Be a Spiritual Being having a Spiritual Experience

You’ve heard it said many times, “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” [...]

FROM KNOWING TO BEING: The Path of Conscious Evolution

The great question of our time is not how much we can learn but how [...]

When Taking Care of Your Mental Health Calls for Something Extraordinary

I am happy to feature guest blogger, Julia Mitchell ( for today’s post. Please enjoy [...]

For the procrastinator in you…

I’ll get it done tomorrow!   I’ll do it later.   I’ll get to it [...]

5 Simple tips to live life more consciously

I’m traveling to Las Vegas this week after a week traveling to New York. Being [...]


Who Will You Be in 2023?

A wonderful way to begin each New Year is by getting complete with the things [...]

Your Mind is a Powerful Tool So Use It Well

Have you ever wished you were better at managing the emotions that flood through your [...]

Fully Embrace Your Freedom

Our emotional state determines what we create. Once you fully embrace this truth, the work [...]

A Formula For Living Life With Intention

My father-in-law once wrote a book on epiphanies. In it, he waxed and waned about [...]

Success, Failure, or Something Else All Together?

J.K. Rowling has become the first billionaire author in history. When she began her epic [...]

The True Source of Your Wellbeing, Happiness and Awesomeness!

Your brain is conditioned to look outside for the source of problems as a mechanism [...]

What You Can Learn from Learning about My Life

I have a wonderful life today, but as many of you know who have followed [...]

Your Secret Power

You have a power within you that is greater than your intellect, your ability to [...]

From Stressed, Depressed and Addicted to Peace of Mind

Today I sit writing this article enjoying looking out over the St. Lawrence River at [...]

The Fear that Binds You: What Is It and What to do About It

Talk to anyone about what’s going on in their lives, and you will almost universally [...]

What To Do When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

The things we can’t avoid in life are probably endless, and one of those things [...]

The Two Most Important Things You Will Ever Learn…

I had said to my son a thousand times since he was old enough to [...]

Bucket List of Being

For as long as I can remember I have obsessed with life itself: understanding it, [...]

The MOST Effective Way to Use Your To-Do List!

This could easily be the shortest blog post in history. Why? Because the answer to [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your One Precious Life

American playwright, George Bernard Shaw, wrote one of my favorite quotes. In it he pens, [...]