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The 30-Day Money Vibe Challenge

is designed to increase your BEAT – your Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts about money.

As your BEAT increases, you will be elevating your Money Vibe. That process creates energetic conditions for a greater flow of money into your life. However, you still need to take actions as well. So the 30-Day Challenge is a series of Intentions, Actions, and Affirmations that you will do every day for 30 days. There are 10 of each, and you will repeat these same 10 three times over the challenge.

The key here is to go DEEP into this practice of raising your Vibe, not broad with doing a bunch of different things.

Before you begin the 30-Day Challenge, set an intention for this process regarding how much-unexpected income you intend to bring into your life.

Your intention must be in the realm of believability FOR YOU!

For example, I once set the intention of creating an additional $30,000 in a 90-day intention experiment. I believed I could do it – it was a stretch, but it was an additional $10K per month and I believed that could happen.

Well, I created the $30K in 60 days, not 90. So I said I would “double it” in the remaining month. When I said it to others, and myself I could feel in my being that I didn’t believe it. I was not an energetic match (yet!) for $30,000 of unexpected income in a month.

So feel into this exercise.

What do you truly believe could come your way in terms of unexpected income. Don’t worry about WHERE it will come from. How and where are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! The “what” is your business. What do you want, what do you believe?

Then put that intention in writing!

“My intention for the 30-Day Money Vibe Challenge is to receive $________ of unexpected income.

In return, I will devote myself to the Daily Challenge by taking the daily action, reciting the daily affirmation and holding the daily intention.”

Write this intention every day for the 30 days of this challenge. Mentally focus on unexpected income entering your life. It can be an unexpected refund, a gift, money you find on the sidewalk, a new client or work contract.

Money can flow into your life in millions of ways.

Your job is to be open to and direct the flow of money energy into your life!