The 4 Keys to Productivity & Peace of Mind

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Do you feel like you live with chronic stress?

Or that you don’t have clarity with your career and life?

Do you feel like you are in a hurry almost all of the time?

Or that you cannot keep up with all of the demands imposed by yourself and others?

If this resonates with you, then read further…

According to the latest social science research, 73% of people report feelings of stress that impact their mental health!

This stress not only results in people having bad days at work but also negatively impacts their relationships.

No one wants to be in a place where there is no productivity and consistent stress!

Fortunately, I have a solution!

I was at the same place in my 30’s when I was diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder…

It was a wild and interesting ride getting to the place of receiving a clinical diagnosis. I was diagnosed by the man who created the notion of Adult ADD – Dr. Edward Hallowell at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury, MA.

That helped me put a lot of puzzle pieces together for me and it is why I have so much passion about what I do…

At that time I wanted to do so many things, but I felt scattered, stressed & disorganized…

So over the last 20 years I have developed this methodology to manage your tasks, priorities, and to-do’s. In the early years, I called my program, “Energy Management: Debunking the Myth of Time Management.”

But after understanding and researching the problems people face while working I have created a whole new program with my decades of time-tested strategies called “The 4 Keys to Productivity and Peace of Mind.”

Think of it like a blueprint where you will learn how to manage yourself at such a high level that you get more done, have a clearer mind, move through your days with clarity, and tremendous productivity.

5 Reasons why you need

“The 4 Keys to Productivity and Peace of Mind”


Reduce Your Stress: We are facing stress levels in epidemic proportions. This leads to all manner of mental health problems such as addictions, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

These mental health challenges create a vicious cycle that makes people even more stressed. That’s why overcoming stress is the biggest key to a peaceful life and that’s exactly what I will show you in this program.


Get More Done in Less Time: There’s nothing more satisfying to us than the feeling of accomplishment which comes from getting stuff done on time but due to a lot of things, problems going on in our life we’re unable to make it happen.

So what’s the solution? The only way is to learn the steps and strategies to get more done in less time and that too without burning out or getting tired. This programs offers exactly that.


Get More Clarity: When I talk about the core of this program it’s peace of mind but it only comes when we have clarity in our minds. I hear over and over again from coaching clients that they lack a sense of clarity about who they are, why they are here and how to maximise their potential. Clarity of purpose and vision is an essential component to a happy, fulfilled life. Life Design delivers that.

This program has an in depth training on how to get that clarity.


Improve Your Self Esteem: The moment you understand the impact of how you perceive yourself everything starts to change.

This is why it’s been said “The way you look at yourself is the way you look at others”. I can’t stress enough how important it is to one’s peace of mind, business and relationships. This is why in my program you will learn how to improve your own self-esteem.


Increase Your Productivity: Each year one of the top Google searches is, “How to increase my productivity?” It is an age-old existential question that deserves an answer.

In this program I will cover everything that’s needed to help you be more productive and more fulfilled.

Who is Jackie Woodside?

Jackie Woodside

Founder of the Curriculum for Conscious Living, and Vibe Method, international speaker, author of 4 best selling books (USA Today and Amazon) & 25 coaching programs.

You may have seen a lot of coaches around the world but when it comes to consciousness and designing your life, there’s no one that provides the depth and breadth of work as Jackie Woodside.

For over 30 years many have considered Jackie Woodside as one of the best transformational coaches around the world.

She has not only helped thousands of people to unleash the power of the human spirit and create lives of passion, purpose and possibility.

Jackie is one of the very few life coaches who teaches people the specific steps on how to change consciousness, which is the main factor in determining happiness and fulfillment in life.

But there’s nothing in this world that’s more important to create a change
than taking action…

Yes it’s your time to take action…

For your future, for your business & for your life.

“I’m grateful for all the wisdom and love that you put into the world, and I’ve learned a great deal from your books! Thank YOU for all you do!”

– Meg R.

I’m so thankful for you! Thank you for tirelessly pouring your light, love, energy, and mind into our spaces! I am changed!

– Chris S.