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Original price was: $3,997.00.Current price is: $1,497.00.

Imagine your life healthier, more fulfilling, happier & full of passion! Imagine living your life with a clear mission, vision and purpose. Imagine yourself thriving, your relationships blossoming, and your career growing.

The Life Design Course is a proven coaching methodology formulated to get your life where you always wanted it to be. Backed by behavioral neuroscience, as well as contemporary spiritual teaching and philosophy, Life Design delivers consistent, undeniable results.

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Life Design Course Payment Plan

Initial Payable: $830.00

Total Payable: $2,490.00

Three Easy Payments of $830

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Payment Amount Payment Date
$830.00 29-05-2024 14:14:13
$830.00 29-06-2024 14:14:13
$830.00 30-07-2024 14:14:13