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Voices of Courage Interview

Jackie Woodside Interview

Live an Inspired Life with Jackie Woodside Inspiration and Courage are at the forefront of the show today as Ken D Foster interviews Jackie Woodside a bestselling author, psychotherapist and the founder of the Curriculum for Conscious Living. Here is the link: Interview begins at 00:07:08

A Formula For Living Life With Intention

My father-in-law once wrote a book on epiphanies. In it, he waxed and waned about what epiphanies are and where they come from. It was an interesting book written by a man who was open to the philosophical, but never the spiritual. Although he was appreciative of my introspective, introverted manner, he simultaneously could never […]

Success, Failure, or Something Else All Together?

Life Design coaching resources

J.K. Rowling has become the first billionaire author in history. When she began her epic Harry Potter series, she was a single mother living on welfare. Publishing companies rejected her first submissions 12 times. Walt Disney was fired from a job with a Kansas City newspaper because the editor felt he “lacked imagination.” He had […]