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A Formula For Living Life With Intention

My father-in-law once wrote a book on epiphanies. In it, he waxed and waned about what epiphanies are and where they come from. It was an interesting book written by a man who was open to the philosophical, but never the spiritual. Although he was appreciative of my introspective, introverted manner, he simultaneously could never […]

Success, Failure, or Something Else All Together?

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J.K. Rowling has become the first billionaire author in history. When she began her epic Harry Potter series, she was a single mother living on welfare. Publishing companies rejected her first submissions 12 times. Walt Disney was fired from a job with a Kansas City newspaper because the editor felt he “lacked imagination.” He had […]

The Fear that Binds You: What Is It and What to do About It

Talk to anyone about what’s going on in their lives, and you will almost universally hear a list of areas where people want to make changes. The common ones are changing jobs or careers, getting into shape, losing weight, making improvements to one’s home and finding ways to make more money. You can probably relate to these, right?